Thanks to her runaway flowergirl, Melbourne PR goes global


Working in the public relations and events industry means we know to always expect the unexpected and to take things in our stride even when they don’t go to plan.

But when HotHouse Media & Event’s PR Account Manager, Katie Quirk got married back in May she had no idea her vows would go viral.

As a seasoned publicist, Katie is well acquainted with the ‘challenges’ that can present when working with kids, however she still wanted to have her young nieces fulfil flowergirl duty at her wedding.

Surely nothing could go THAT wrong…right?

Cue three-year-old Chloe becoming a tad restless and deciding to steal the spotlight in the boldest of ways from Katie and her husband, Tom during the ceremony.

TODAY Show – Runaway flowergirl steals spotlight

The video has made its way around the world appearing on the likes of America’s TODAY Show, The Huffington Post, InStyle, Mashable, Daily Mail and Yahoo!.

Look out, Usain Bolt; little Chloe is hot on your heels!


Photo courtesy of Rom Anthonis

Videography by Burgess Video