Australian Style Book Launch


With a growing reputation for producing exciting and innovative fashion design, there is no better time than now to showcase the exceptional talent behind Australia’s diverse fashion culture.

Fashion Entrepreneurs Thom Whilton and Lisa Teh manage to capture all of this in their new book Australian Style: The Who’s Who of Fashion.

A curated guide to the nation’s tastemakers, the book includes profiles on models, designers, editors and influencers who have formed the fashion industry as we know it.

The HotHouse team had the pleasure of attending and supporting the launch of this innovative book at Alto at GPO on Wednesday night alongside a typically fashionable Melbourne guest list.

It was an evening filled with interesting and in-depth conversations about the local fashion industry and its growing talents.

An evening highlight was the discussion panel, hosted by fashion commentator and stylist Lana Wilkinson. The panel was a creative fusion of leading industry power forces including Emma Lo Russo (Digivizer), Dan Watts (Thames and Hudson), Janice Breen Burns (Voxfrock) and Australian Style’s very own Lisa Teh.

What followed was a thought-provoking conversation about the fashion industry and how digital leaders are pushing themselves to the forefront of Australian style.

The night was a celebration of authentic Australian style, from established names to the next generation of digital influencers. HotHouse is honoured to support a unique project like this that celebrates the freedom at taking creative risks in the Australian fashion industry.

Guest post by Liana Gangi