Dr Bryan Mendelson

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Dr Bryan Mendelson is one of the most respected, skilled and progressive facial plastic surgeons in the world.

Based in Melbourne at The Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr Mendelson trained at the highly respected and medically advanced Mayo Clinic in the USA and has written over 50 scientific papers and delivered over 100 presentations to industry professionals in over a dozen world cities.

Most recently, his original research into the anatomy of facial ageing was recognised by the classic anatomy textbook, Gray’s Anatomy.

Dr Mendelson’s authoritative presence within the industry has been extensively acknowledged by other surgeons both here and abroad; particularly his Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course (MAFAC) www.mafac.com.au.

Dr Mendelson is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, In Your Face which examines the hidden history of plastic surgery and analyses why looks matter.

Also housed on site at the Centre, the Skin & Injecting Clinic on behalf of Dr Bryan Mendelson has been the first to introduce many of the latest non-surgical skin therapies, treatments and products from around the world.