Hiro Sushi + Food Store


The Pantry has been a dining beacon in Brighton for almost 30 years due to the owners’ imagination and willingness to adopt changes to suit contemporary customer demands.

Hiro Sushi + Food Store is a new innovation from The Pantry Group. Reacting to the ever-evolving changes in eating habits and the desire to mix cuisines, Hiro Sushi + Food Store is the offspring of Hiro Sushi and The Pantry Food Store. The adoption of an additional space allows for indoor and outdoor seating but importantly addresses what today’s customers actually want to eat.

New interpretations for delicious and tasty menu options have been developed melding Asian and Western dishes which can be enjoyed together or individually to the delight of Brightonians and The Pantry Group’s ever-expanding customer base drawn from all over the South East.

The Pantry Group’s expansive stable of eateries include Pantry Dining Room, Hiro Sushi & Food Store, Royale Brothers Burgers, Lickings Fine Ice Cream, Pantry Master Class and Show, Portsea Polo, Flinders Polo and a Food Truck Division. The Pantry Group’s operations now wrap the corner of Church and St Andrews Streets, Brighton.