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The Mediterranean Region

After exploring the Aegean Region, Coskun Uysal takes us on his next culinary journey around Turkey to the Mediterranean Region.

Uysal’s rethinking and re-interpretation of classic dishes from the region are exemplified by his innovation and acute understanding of his native cuisine.

The region extends from where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet, extending along the coast to Syria. It is a mountainous area with deep valleys running parallel to the sea. The region was crossed and recrossed by merchants on the ancient Silk Road and as a result has a myriad of influences associated with the cultures that used the Silk Road to trade goods and produce. The region is recognised for its produce which includes seafood, rice, vegetables, a wide variety of nuts and grains, herbs and spices, fruit (both fresh and dried) especially citrus, and bananas. The famed Turkish Ice-Cream, Maras originates from this region.

In a tasting of five courses, Uysal again weaves history, produce, heritage and his reinterpretation of regional dishes into this new menu.


Olive Oil Orange Celeriac, Carrot Puree, Fresh Pear, Whipped Labne


Clarence River Prawn, Paprika Butter, Cinnamon Borlotti Beans, Prawn Head Stuffed with Turkish Spoon Salata

Yoghurt Pide

House Made Yoghurt Pide, Tulum Cheese, Cultured Butter, Muhammara with Red Pepper, Pomegranate Molasses & Walnuts


Lamb Rump, Spiced Freekeh, Hibes Tahini, Imam Bayildi, Vegetable Stuffed Baby Eggplant


Yoghurt Muhallebi, Cucumber Sorbet, Mint Meringue, Mint Juice, Olive Oil

Icli Kofte (Extra Course $16.00)

Lamb and Bulgur stuffed with Cumin, Walnuts, Minced Lamb, Garlic Buttermilk Sauce, House Made Pickled Carrot Juice  

The Mediterranean menu will be available to the end of April – The next region to be explored will be South Eastern Anatoli.

Wine List

Tulum continues to grow its wine list focusing on wines from Turkey, particularly those from Mid-Southern Anatolia, the Marmara and Aegean Regions, Black Sea and Southeast Anatolia. It is estimated that Turkey has between 600 – 1200 indigenous grape varietals. Archaeological evidence dates wine production from ancient civilisations in the greater Caucuses geographic area to between 4,000 – 7,000 BC.

Tasting Menu – $70.00. An alternative vegetarian menu is available $70.00.

Menus can be paired with wines selected to enhance the dining experience.


217 Carlisle Street Balaclava
+61 3 9525 9127